Kwindoo tracking for sailing for competing boats

In order to track the yachts during the regatta, each competing yacht must use the Kwindoo app for Android or iPhone - Kwindoo tracking for sailing.

- If you have used the Kwindoo tracking for sailing app before, please open the app. If you haven't used it before, download the app from AppStore or Google Play. 

- Every day before the start - log into the app, select the A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta 2023 leg for that day and start tracking.

- Keep your phone charged and switched on until you cross the finish line.

- If you are using Kwindoo for the first time after downloading, you will need to register an account on Kwindoo (email, Facebook, etc.).

The Kwindoo tracking for sailing guide is available on the official notice board as well as HERE.

For fast information

On this website we have gathered all the necessary information from the port events to sponsors' offers, links to photos and videos, news, etc. On the website, you will also find a link to the official notice board of the regatta, located in the Manage2Sail website. It contains all the information related to the competition from the race officials and the results. 

To stay updated and receive notifications when new information is added either to the official notice board on Manage2Sail or on this website, the best way is to join the WhatsApp group. Only the organizers will post there. Click on the WhatsApp logo, and you will automatically be in the group.

Share your regatta experience

Share your regatta experience with both the organizers and your friends! In addition, sponsors will reward the best teams that have posted pictures and videos at each stage. Therefore, always tag your photo with @muhuväinaregatt #muhuväinaregatt.

Medic on board?

We kindly ask you to inform organizers, so we will know, who can help us in case of emergency!

Please send en email to with title MEDIC ON BOARD (and yachts name) with contacts of medic! Thank you!

Support truck

The regatta-themed support truck transports sailors' equipment from port to port free of charge. In Kärdla before the last race we kindly ask all competitors to move their belongings from the truck as the truck does not go to Kalevi YC in Tallinn and has to leave before the race ends. All belonings left into the truck are left to the Kärdla marina.

The support truck has two important individuals who will assist in every possible way with loading and unloading:

Driver Uve Kruusamäe, phone +372 511 9126

Logistics coordinator Henri Paet, phone +372 5374 5762