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largest offshore regatta in Estonia. 110 yachts from Latvia, Finland, Russia and Estonia raced from Pärnu to Kärdla, Hiiumaa, stopping in Ruhnu and Kõiguste on their way. Only the ORC I and II teams raced the last leg Kärdla circle, as windlessness and strong headwinds did not let the smaller boats to arrive before sunrise the next day. The winners of the 2021 Moonsund Regatta are: Matilda 4, Sugar, Kvartet, Black Bird and W-Lind. The fastest in Cruiser division were Berta and Chantal and the best wooden Folkboot is Greta.

The longest race from Kõiguste to Ruhnu suffered strong headwinds and calm sea.


Friday morning in Kõiguste harbour greeted the fleet with flat sea and scorching sun but at 10 a.m. the last and longest 52–68-mile race could commence. Kübassaare near Muhu island was a gamechanger because the wind died and those who, after a long wait, caught wind first, were the ones who took the lead. Afterwards, offshore waters gave already advantage to those boats that thrive in strong headwinds. It took the yachts twelve to nineteen hours to get to the finish line. The first one - local team Olympic with Tiit Vihul at the helm, finished at 22:43 and the last one, s/y Kaija with Annika Malva helming (NYCS) arrived at 5:42 next morning. 

The winners of the longest race were Eero Pank’s Credit24 Sailing (Kalev YC), Aivar Tuulberg’s Katariina II (Pärnu YC), Priit Jürioja’s Brigitta (Pärnu YC), Ülari Velviste’s Lagle III (Haapsalu YC) and Tiit Riisalo’s W-Lind with Vaiko Vooremaa at the helm (Kalev JK).


Hiiumaa Sadamate Kärdla circle established the winners 

According to ORC I contestant Juss Ojala (captain of Matilda 4, Yacht Club Dago), the last win was like cherry on top as they had ensured their victory with the third result from the longest leg of the regatta. They won the regatta with 11 points (1-2-(4)-1-3-1). Matilda 4 was also victorious last year, even though with a different team. Then they were captained by Mihkel Kosk but this year it raced under Joachim Aschenbrenner from Denmark who was also on the team in 2019 when they won the ORC European Championship title.


“This yacht is like a Ferrari, and indeed if you do everything properly, it sails smoothly. With a good car, it’s a joy to drive, and we had both a superior team and an excellent boat. We are trying to build the best team for the Alexela ORC Championship in Tallinn in August,” commented Juss Ojala.

19 points gave second place to Adelante from Kalev Yacht Club, captained by Andrus Luht. Credit24 Sailing, also from Kalev Yacht Club, with Eero Pank at the helm, was third with 20 points.

Cruiser division overall winner in ORC I was Hando Sutter’s team on Berta from Kalev Yacht Club.

Before the last race, two ORC II teams had an equal number of points - Sugar with Marjaliisa Umb at the helm and Aivar Tuulberg’s team on Katariina II, both from Pärnu Yacht Club - and for the second year in a row Sugar came out as the winner. Katariina II with Karl-Hannes Tagu at the helm finished one point behind them. The third on the podium was Margus Zuravljov’s Amserv Toyota Sailing Team (Kalev YC).

Cruiser division winner in ORC II was Chantal from Haapsalu Yacht Club, captained by Avo Link.

Marjaliisa Umb, winning captain of Sugar, commented that this year’s regatta was definitely more complicated: “We knew that the last day will be decisive and it was a race of nerves.“

ORC III had a firm leader throughout the entire regatta. Yacht Kvartet from St. Petergsburg outperformed the others with three race wins, one third and two fourth places. Of course, for Vasilii Alekseev, who has raced as many as 18 Moonsund Regattas already, it was not the first time on the podium of the regatta.

Three points behind the winning team was Celia from Yacht Club Dago with Rauno Pielberg at the helm and with this they managed to upgrade their last year’s bronze to silver. Margus Beljakov’s team on Liliann from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts also improved their last year’s result and finished third.

At the award ceremony captain Vasilii Alekseev acknowledged both the organisers and sailors: “Thank you so much for your hospitality, honest racing and a chance to meet up with old friends and make new ones. I do sincerely hope that we will be seeing each other also in the future, despite the pandemic and the political situation.”

ORC IV winner came from Haapsalu Yacht Club – it was Tarmo Polli’s team on Black Bird. Last year’s second and third exchanged places and now Vesileenu from Kalev Yacht Club with Imre Marmor at the helm was second and Ülari Velviste’s team on Lagle III from Haapsalu Yacht Club third.


“We are more experienced now; had a bit more luck and the weather also suited us,” said Tarmo Polli, commenting on their absence last year after their regatta win in 2019. “But teamwork is most important! Our team of four has been racing together since 2015,” added team member Eleri Tänav.


For Folkboots it was a Championship race. Until the last leg, there were no solid leaders in this group. By winning the longest leg, Tiit Riisalo’s W-Lind with Vaiko Vooremaa at the helm from Kalev Yacht Club won the regatta (2-1-5-(6)-1-1) and retained the Championship title. Muinasjutukuningas with Argo Vooremaa at the helm improved their position and finished second and Olev Oolup’s team on Bacchus from Dago Yacht Club were third.


The best wooden Folkboot was Liise Köösel’s team on Greta from Kalev Yacht Club.


The best teams of A. Le Coq 64th Moonsund Regatta are:


ORC I group – 22 yachts.

1. MATILDA 4 EST112 (J-112E) – Dago Yacht Club – 11 points
Captain Juss Ojala, helmsman Joachim Aschenbrenner, Kelly Veske, Priit Berkmann, Raul Grigorjev, Arne Veske, Marek Harjak, Felix Andresen, Christopher Juul

2. ADELANTE EST113 (J-112E) – Kalev Yacht Club – 19 points
Captain Andrus Luht, Maarjus Leppik, Aso Koris, Koit Pauts, Erki Teras, Margus Mullamaa, Taavi Eller, Martin Müür

3. CREDIT24 SAILING (Salona 38ibc) – Kalev Yacht Club – 20 points

Captain Eero Pank, Karin Lausmaa, Anu Varvik, Kristian Allikmaa, Veiko Haavapuu, Toomas Talts, Krister Rekkaro, Kristjan Kuusk, Rene Treifeldt

Best Cruiser – BERTA (Elan 380) – Kalev Yacht Club – 54 points

Captain Hando Sutter, Urmas Kivirüüt, Triin Sepp, Sirli Väinsar, Enrico Kaljurand, Meelis Simulant, Urmas Reimand, Riho Kruuv


ORC II group – 26 yachts

1. SUGAR EST774 (Italia 9.98) - Pärnu Yacht Club – 12 points
Captain Marjaliisa Umb, Siim Akermann, Ott Kikkas, Risto Riim, Karl-Robert Trink, Taavi Vaigla, Marko Uulits, Tõnu Eensalu

2. KATARIINA II EST646 (Arcona 340) – Pärnu Yacht Club – 13 points
Captain Aivar Tuulberg, Karl-Hannes Tagu, Markus Iin, Jaan Akermann, Juhan Kolk, August Luure, Kevin Grass, Henri Tauts

3. AMSERV TOYOTA ST (First 36.7 mod) – Kalev Yacht Club – 15 points

Captain Margus Zuravljov, Margus Nõmmik, Olari Vokk, Eke Ao Nettan, Lauri Luks, Juuso Roihu, Anna Maria Sepp, Martti Kinkar

Best Cruiser – CHANTAL EST267 (Mannerberg 31) – Haapsalu Yacht Club – 65 points

Captain Avo Link, Ingar Lao, Aarne Tuisk, Mihkel Radzikovski, Lembit Randlaine, Markus Randma


ORC III group – 23 yachts

1. KVARTET RUS297 (O-800) – Neva YC – 10 points Captain Vasilii Alekseev, Ivan Sviatov, Olga Bravina, Dmitrii Skvortsov, Mikhail Kubanets

2. CELIA EST739 (Inferno 29 mod) – Yacht Club Dago – 13 points Captain Rauno Pielberg, Tõnis Berkmann, Sven Kriggulson, Taivo Korol, Kaspar Kibuspuu

3. LILIANN EST396 (One Off) – Saaremaa Merispordi Selts – 16 points

Captain Margus Beljakov, Kaido Hoogand, Kutt Kommel, Jan Raudsepp, Kristjan Männa


ORC IV group – 26 yachts

1. BLACK BIRD EST574 (Birdie 24) – Haapsalu Yacht Club – 11 points

Captain Tarmo Polli, Eleri Tänav, Kristjan Raid, Argo Otten

2. VESILEENU EST157 (Polaris) – Kalev Yacht Club – 17 points Captain Imre Marmor, Kuido Pruuns, Peeter Paenurm, Marek Leinjärv

3. LAGLE III EST554 (Finn Express 83) – Haapsalu Yacht Club – 19 points

Captain Ülari Velviste, Mattias Kangur, Mathias Väinsar, Risten Reintam, Oskar Tiidemann


Folkboot class – 13 yachts – 2021 Estonian Championship

1. W-LIND EST32 – Kalev Yacht Club – 10 points

Captain Tiit Riisalo, Vaiko Vooremaa, Signe Riisalo

2. MUINASJUTUKUNINGAS EST31 – Kalev Yacht Club – 12 points Captain Argo Vooremaa, Remi Neitsov, Joonas Kiisler

3. BACCHUS EST37 – Yacht Club Dago – 12 points

Captain Olev Oolup, Andrus Padu, Jüri Raagmaa

BEST WOODEN FOLKBOOT – GRETA EST5 – Liise Köösel, Keit Järve, Birgit Suuder - Kalev Yacht Club

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A. Le Coq 64. Moonsund Regatta is organised by Kalev Yacht Club and Pärnu Yacht Club in cooperation with Estonian Yachting Union.

The sponsors of the regatta are A. Le Coq, Sportland, DSV Estonia, Volvo Trucks Estonia, Amserv/Toyota, Alexela, Pro Marine Trade, Alter Marine, Tactical Foodpack, Loodus Invest, Heimon Kala, Hiiumaa parish, Hiiumaa Sadamad, Santa Maria, Rahva Raamat, City of Pärnu, Sportity, Päästeliit (The Rescue Associatuion), Postimees