A. Le Coq 66th Moonsund Regatta will reach the marinas of Pärnu, Kuressaare, Kõiguste, and Kärdla.

Pärnu Yacht Club

The regatta starts from the Pärnu Yacht Club. For more detailed information, please see the website here. Yachts registered for the A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta are exempt from harbor fees starting from July 7th, according to the Notice of Race.

The crane at the Pärnu Yacht Club can be used until July 7th. If you wish to use the crane to launch your boat from the trailer or for hull cleaning, please contact the harbor master in advance.

Address: Lootsi 6 Pärnu 80012

Coordinates: 58°23.16′ N 24°29.20′ E

VHF Channel: 12, call sign “Pärnu Jahisadam”

Harbor master: ph +372 5307 8777, sadam@jahtklubi.ee


The harbour plan shows the names of the vessels in the harbour, which will remain fixed until Monday when we sail to Kuressaare. The harbour master may make changes to the harbour plan.

Kuressaare City Harbour

Kuressaare marina is located in the center of Kuressaare. For more detailed information, please refer to the website here.

Attention – water in Kuresaare! We ask all boats to stock up on water in their tanks in Pärnu, as the water analyses in the city of Kuressaare were not in order. Enough water has been brought to the marina for drinking, but we strongly recommend not to use the water from the local waterworks!

Following boats must go to Roomassaare marina:






Kõiguste Marina

Kõiguste marina is located on the southern coast of Saaremaa. For more detailed information, please visit the website here.

Saare maakond, Saaremaa vald, Kõiguste küla, Kõiguste sadam, 94421

Coordinates: 58° 22’ 10’’ N 22° 58’ 1’’ E


Kärdla Marina

Kärdla marina is located in Hiiumaa. For more detailed information, please visit the website here.