The Moonsund Regatta sailed from Pirita to Kakumäe | 09 Jul 18, piret.salmistu

Today the races of the A. Le Coq 61st Moonsund Regatta took the participants to Haven Kakumäe. We are very proud that for the very first time the President of the Republic of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid, honoured the regatta with her participation.

Fortunately the yesterday’s forecast that did not give much hope for stronger winds was not quite correct. Although the first race was postponed by an hour, the northeast winds of 7 m/s were merciful and let the races commence.

President Kersti Kaljulaid raced on board of 2014 ORC World Champion Forte - photo Berit Hainoja / Kalev Yacht Club

The races were expected to take four hours but the first boat - ESTLYS II winner Fanatic from Kalev Yacht Club with Ain-Eke Jalasto at the helm – came in 30 seconds under two hours and the bigger yachts of ORC I just ten minutes later. President Kersti Kaljulaid, who raced on board of 2014 ORC World Champion Forte commented cheerfully: “I have rowed before, not so much sailed. Today my main task was to keep to the right side and be as heavy as possible. It was the most wonderful day and I’m very grateful to the organisers and team Forte!”

ESTLYS II winner Fanatic from Kalev Yacht Club with Ain-Eke Jalasto at the helm - photo Berit Hainoja / Kalev Yacht Club

Viljar Sepp, captain of ORC II boat Jazz couldn’t be happier with their close win today: “Today’s conditions were perfect for us. North-eastern winds and sailing at a sharp angle were challenging but we were able to maintain an average speed on eight knots. When we managed to catch the wave of the faster boat Cherie, our speed record was 11.2 knots and did not lose speed at all. We saw how many boats broached and it for sure affected their time. It was a very interesting race as the big and small yachts raced more or less together. We are very excited about the 70-mile race tomorrow as the competition in our group is heavy.”

ORC II group boat Jazz with Viljar Sepp at the helm from Kalev Yacht Club - the winner in ORC II group - photo Berit Hainoja / Kalev Yacht Club

The evening festivities drew a big audience of fans. “The party is awesome but we shouldn’t forget the people behind the hard work. This is why our lifelong sailing enthusiast Arvet Tetsmann received the Order of the White Star from President Kersti Kaljulaid,“ said Egon Elstein, president of the Yachting Union. Arvet Tetsmann’s book “The Story of Estonian Sailing” was also published today.

Lifelong sailing enthusiast Arvet Tetsmann received the Order of the White Star from President Kersti Kaljulaid - photo Liis Treimann / Postimees

Tomorrow one of the longest legs of the regatta, Olybet Kakumäe – Kärdla race, will take the boats and sailors to the island of Hiiumaa where the regatta will remain for two days.

All results:

** Gallery - Berit Hainoja / Kalev Yacht Club

** Photogalleries in Postimees

** EV100 photogallery by Aron Urb



  1. SUGAR2, EST711 Marjaliisa Umb, Pärnu Yacht Club
  2. FORTE EST475 Tammo Otsasoo, Kalev Yacht Club
  3. MINNI EST50 Andres Aavik, Kalev Yacht Club


  1. JAZZ EST465  Viljar Sepp, Kalev Yacht Club
  2. EVELYNIII EST477 Kristen Pugi, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts/ Kalev Yacht Club
  3. MATILDA 3 EST462 Koit Pauts, Haapsalu Yacht Club


  1. KVARTET RUS297 Vasilii Alekseev, Neva Yacht Club
  2. BAILARINA LAT350 Andrejs Buls, Rigas Sporta Burašanas Centrs
  3. LASTOCHKA RUS177 Aleksandr Evseev, Moskow Orek Hova Harbor


  1. KATARINA JEE EST464 Mart Tamm, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts
  2. TUULE EST408 Kristjan Mugra, Pärnu Yacht Club
  3. FLAVIS RUS2599 Smirnov Maksim, St.Perburg Yacht Club


  1. FANATIC EST 239 Ain-Eke Jalasto, Kalev Yacht Club
  2. CENTAUR EST371 Risto Riim, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts
  3. TESSA EST 324 Alar Ivanson, Kalev Yacht Club


  1. LOTE EST460, Rando Salu, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts
  2. MERCURIUS EST45, Margus Tasa, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts
  3. FAROZON EST750, Maarja Kask , Kalev Yacht Club


  1. LIND EST32, Tiit Riisalo, Kalev Yacht Club
  2. LINDA EST42, Pertti Neero, Kalev Yacht Club
  3. MUINASJUTUKUNINGAS EST31, Jaanus Nõgisto, Kalev Yacht Club