The 2014 Moonsund Regatta will visit the restored Kärdla harbour in Hiiumaa | 07 Jan 14, piret.salmistu

The 57th Moonsund Regatta will take place from July 12 until July 19, 2014.

Moonsund is the longest established offshore sailing event in Estonia and the largest of its kind in the Baltic Countries. The regatta is growing in popularity every year and expects at least 110 teams and 700 crewmembers from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland and Sweden. The regatta will set sail in Haapsalu and proceed through the ports of Kärdla, Kuivastu and Pärnu towards the final destination Roomassaare. 

The distance of the regatta was determined based on the positive feedback received after the 2013 races, the only difference being that instead of Heltermaa the fleet will visit Kärdla harbour to be reopened in spring 2014.  

The opening ceremony of the 57th Moonsund Regatta will take place in Haapsalu on July 12 where the event will be launched in cooperation with the City of Haapsalu. The first race of the regatta takes yachts to Kärdla harbour in Hiiumaa where everyone will be warmly welcomed by Hiiu local government. The next destination will be Kuivastu on Muhu Island. From Kuivastu the fleet will race towards Pärnu. Pärnu will host the regatta for three days, where the most competitive event will definitely be the upwind-downwind race on Wednesday. The spectators will again be able to get a close-up on the sea. RUNÖ turned out to be a real attraction and very popular this year as all the seats were fully sold out.  

The longest race that will be partly held at night will finish at the regatta’s final destination Roomassaare. The final event of the exciting and intense week will be the award ceremony on July 19 at Roomassaare harbour.

Moonsund Regatta will stop in Kärdla harbour to promote local sailing traditions. The man behind the renovations of the harbour Hillar Kukk, who has sailed twice around the world, talks about the history of the harbour: „Kärdla’s historic harbour was established in 1849 to service the then felt and baize factory. The harbour played an important role in the life of the town also in the beginning of the 20th century. However, it was destroyed in the bombings of 1944. The modern harbour, to be reopened in spring 2014, will be able to dock 60 boats. With this Kärdla will become a maritime town again where sailing will be a natural part of its everyday life. We are eager for the Moonsund Regatta to visit our town and Hiiu local government will see to the catering, entertainment and awards of the first race. We will give our best so that a lot of yachts would want to come back here.“

Also Juss Ojala, the captain of Moonsund 2013 winner s/y Amserv from YC DAGO, Hiiumaa, has reasons to rejoice: „All Hiiumaa sailors have long waited for this harbour. We have dreamed and talked about it for the last 20 years. Back when we were sailing on dinghies under Coach Ott Epner, each spring we had to build a new pier in order to get the boats on water as the ice had taken its toll over winter. We have been dreaming of our own harbour since then already. Years later, when we formed an offshore team with guys from Hiiumaa and Pärnu, we all agreed that our home club will be DAGO. With that decision we hoped to facilitate and promote Kärdla and Hiiumaa. Being able to sail into Kärdla harbour and come ashore there for the very first time, will definitely be an awesome moment!“. For the same reasons DAGO has been the home club also for s/y Olympic, which was third in ORC I class at Moonsund 2013.

Six months are left until the beginning of the 57th Moonsund Regatta but it’s high time to make plans for your summer holiday in order to be able to enjoy Estonian summer and participate in this awesome event.

* Hiiumaa, also known as
Dagö, is the second largest island (989 km²) in Estonia. It’s located in the Baltic Sea, north of Saaremaa, a part of West Estonian archipelago. Its largest town is Kärdla.