Spinnaker show took the fleet from Kihnu to Haapsalu | 14 Jul 16, piret.salmistu

The morning of the second day of the 59th A.Le Coq Moonsund Regatta in Kihnu was warm and grey. After captain's meeting the yachts embarked on a 61-74-mile and 9-11 hour leg towards Haapsalu. There are two yachts now who have managed to get on the highest position of the podium twice – Merepärl from Pärnu YC and Kadri from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts.

The Mount Gay/Dermoshop Kihnu-Haapsalu leg was one of the long ones. All starts were flawless and the fleet set sail at 10 in the morning. South winds of 6 m/s on the average enabled using spinnakers providing an abundance of Kodak moments. The first yachts crossed the finish line after 7 in the evening but as Rukkirahu is some seven miles from Haapsalu harbour, it took another hour to call it a night and reach the regatta village. The regatta had not been in Haapsalu for two years and the whole town was waiting for it eagerly. Haapsalu's Veskiviigi harbour had been turned into a beautiful regatta village where Läänemaa Defence League was waiting for the sailors with warm soup, Dermosil offered massage for tired bodies and everyone could enjoy heaps of music and entertainment. 


After nearly ten hours of sailing Tuule with Jaan Mugra from Pärnu YC took the win in ORC I. The first leg winner Forte from Kalev YC with Jaak Jõgi at the helm came in second and Lady Bird from Pärnu YC with Johannes Puusepp was third. After two legs the leaders are Tuule and Forte with an equal number of points.


In ORC II Alari Akermann's team on Merepärl from Pärnu YC got another win and became the leader of the group. Adele from YC Baltsail with Harles Liiv at the helm was second and Masu with Keith Luur from Pärnu YC were third. 


Also in CDL<8 we have a leader as Tanel Õun's team on Kadri from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts came in first again. Jaan Tiidemann's Blanca was second and Ülari Velviste on Lagle II third. 


The second leg in ESTLYS I was successful for the last year's winner Mir with Sergei Bruzga at the helm from St. Peterburg. Mir's great competitor, last year's runner up, Fanatic from Kalev YC with Ain-Eke Jalasto was second and Fortuna II with Stanislav Vikhorev from Russia, club Hercules, third. 


The fastest in ESTLYS II was Margus Hiet's yacht Elli from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts. They were followed by Pärnu YC's Põhjatäht with Tanel Kutrsi's team and first leg winner Windwalker who is also the group leader for the moment. 


ESTLYS III winners were Vallo Kalvik on Marielle from Kalev YC, followed by an all-ladies team on Kaija from Noblessner and Mikhail Drozdov's team on Bestia from a Finnish club VVK. Among the 27 competitors the group leader is currently Aurora with Pille Kaas from Haapsalu YC.


Folkboots have a new leader - Jaanus Nõgisto and his team on Muinasjutukuningas from Kalev YC who came in third. The fastest yacht of the race was Linda with Tiit Riisalo from Kalev YC and Pertti Neero's yacht Linda from Kalev came in second. 


The third race will take the fleet to Kärdla and it starts at 12 noon as it can take as long as an hour and a half for the yachts to get to the starting line. The third leg of the regatta - Loodusinvest Haapsalu-Kärdla race - is 27-36 miles long and will take the yachts past some tongue-twisting marks – Härjamaa läänepoi, Püssirahusilma keratooder, Plaguragu, Selgrahu põhjatooder and Lainemadala läänepoi. Descriptions of the routes are available here: http://muhuvain.ee/regatt2016/teadete-tahvel