Haul-out in Haapsalu | 10 Jul 13, piret.salmistu

There is available the crane with load capacity of 10 tons
If you wish to haul out your yacht in Haapsalu, there is the following contact to arrange it:

Mehtrans OÜ

Tehnika 7, Uuemõisa 90401

Tel.:  47 20062

Manager: 5091177

Orders: 5063959 ; 47 20063 ; vello@mehtrans.ee


According to the Sailing Instructions there is a rectricion for haul-out.

From 09:00 of the July 13, yachts shall not be hauled out except for the purposes of repairing damage; and only after written permission from the Race Officer. While hauled for this purpose, cleaning and polishing of the hull below the waterline will not be permitted.