Provision to the boats with help of SELVER | 24 Jun 13, piret.salmistu

SELVER makes life easier for the sailors in Haapsalu, Heltermaa and Roomassaare

With help of the co-operation partner of the Moonsund Regatta, store SELVER, you can easily fill your boats with the provision. There will be buses driving between Haapsalu, Heltermaa and Roomassaare marinas to  the stores of SELVER and back.

In Haapsalu marina – there will be bus driving 11 times per day to Selver and back, in every hour.
On Saturday, 13th of July:

Departures from Haapsalu marina at 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19, 20, 21 

Departures from Rannarootsi Selver at 11.45; 12.45; 13.45; 14.45; 15.45; 16.45; 17.45; 18.45; 19.45; 20.45; 21.45


In Heltermaa marina  - there will be bus driving 2 times to Selver and back.

On Sunday, 14th of July:

Departures from Heltermaa marina at 19 and 21 (if needed, there will be an additional trip at 20)

From Selver back to Heltermaa at 20.15 and 22.15


From Roomassaare marina the bus of Selver will take sailors to the Selver on Friday and Satrurday also. 

On Friday, July 19th

Departures from Kuressaare Selver: 15.00; 16.00;  17.30;

Departures from Roomassaare marina: 15.15; 16.45; 17.45

On Saturday, July 20th

Departures from Kuressaare Selver: 15.30; 16.30

Departures from Roomassaare marina:15.40;16.40