PRESS RELEASE: Second  race of the A. Le Coq 60th Moonsund Regatta Kuivastu - Roomassaare | 10 Jul 17, piret.salmistu

The second race of the A. Le Coq 60th Moonsund Regatta – Mount Gay / Heimon Gourmet leg – enjoyed nice winds from Kuivastu to Roomassaare. The organisers were not very enthusiastic about the weather forecast that would have meant a very long day for smaller yachts but, fortunately, the day turned out well enough. It seems the sailors are still favoured by the winds that have not abandoned the regatta for sixty years already.

There were moments of considerable windlessness but later in the day southwesterly winds turned west and kept blowing at 5-6 m/s, which was enough to have a good race to Roomassaare. The smaller and slower yachts stayed longer on the sea as the winds died still towards the evening but is was to be expected. PRO Andres Talts commented that everything worked as expected and discussed at the skippers’ meeting: “Winds were expected to die down in the evening but fortunately it happened much later that forecast, instead of 6 o’clock, the wind disappeared at 10-11 in the evening only. Everyone who was supposed to reach the finish line quickly did so too. And we knew the slower boats in LYS III will be in trouble. The big boats sailed 46 miles and the others three miles less. Sailing upwind made the race longer.“

In the big boat group ORC I, Kalev Yacht Club’s Forte with Jaak Jõgi at the helm was victorious for a second time and again Dago’s boat Olympic with Tiit Vihul was the runners-up.

Also in ORC II the winner of the first race came in first – it was Kalev Yacht Club’s Amserv Toyota ST with Margus Źuravljov. Their fellow club members, team Cherie and Ivar Aru, came in second thirteen minutes later.  

Both in ORC III and ESTLYS I Kuivastu - Roomassaare leg was victorious for our guests from abroad. ORC III was dominated by St. Peterburg yacht Fart with Anatoli Shukanov at the helm and in ESTLYS I Latvian team Extra Brut with Aleksei Aleksejev came in first.

Kuivastu - Roomassaare leg in ESTLYS II was really good for Anne-Mari Luik’s “all-girl” team Piloilleri III who beat the rest of the 25 yachts to the finish line.

Margus Tasa and his team Mercurius from Saaremaa Marine Sports Society was again the fastest among the 36 boats in ESTLYS III.  

The fastest of the Folkboot fleet was Lind with Tiit Riisalo at the helm.

The first three placements of Kuivastu-Roomassaare MOUNT GAY / HEIMON GOURMET leg of the A. Le Coq 60. Moonsund Regatta:

I Forte, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Jaak Jõgi
II Olympic, Yacht Club Dago, skipper Tiit Vihul
III Lady Bird, Pärnu Yacht Club, skipper Johannes Puusepp
I Amserv Toyota ST, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Margus Žuravljov
II Cherie, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Ivar Aru
III Silva, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Urmas Salu
Fart, St Peterburg Yacht Club, skipper Anatoly Shukanov
Kvartet, Russia, Vasili Alekseev
Lagle II, Saaremaa Marine Sports Society, Ülari Velviste
I Extra Brut, Latvia, skipper Alexei Alexeev
II Tessa, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Alar Ivanson
III Blue Lark, Kalev Yacht Club, Sergei Parfenenko
I Piloilleri III, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Anne-Mari Luik
II Brigitta, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Mikk Metstak
III Temper, Pärnu Yacht Club, skipper Harri Murd
I Mercurius, Saaremaa Marine Sports Society, skipper Margus Tasa
II Aurora, Haapsalu Yacht Club, skipper Pille Kaas
III Meeri, Haapsalu Yacht Club, skipper Tiit Kaljuveer

I LIND, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Tiit Riisalo
II LINDA, Kalev Yacht Club, skipper Perti Neero
III BACCHUS, Haapsalu Yacht Club, skipper Olev Oolup

Al results
Kuivastu-Roomassaare gallery - Piret Salmistu / Kalev Yacht Club ja Ardi Truija / Postimees

Kuivastu-Roomassaare winners will be awarded on Monday at 19:00 after the Roomassaare circle around Abruka island, which will be raced at midday.  

The A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta is organised by Kalev Yacht Club, Pärnu Yacht Club and Saaremaa Marine Sports Society in cooperation with the Estonian Yachting Union.


The sponsors of the Moonsund Regatta are: A. Le Coq, Postimees/Eesti Meedia, Helly Hansen/Sportland, DSV, Dermoshop, LoodusInvest, OlyBet,, Mount Gay, Danske Bank, COCO Active, Rahva Raamat, EAS, Euro Oil, Go Bus, Auto Forte, Haven Kakumäe, Estonian Maritime Rescue Organization, the cities of Haapsalu, Pärnu and Kuressaare, Kihnu Municipality, the Port of Riga.

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