A. Le Coq 64th Moonsund Regatta racing in the waters of Saaremaa | 15 Jul 21, piret.salmistu

Today was a very brief day on the water. After a long stretch of offshore racing, there were just two ca 10-mile circles. Start was given at 11 with very light winds of 4 knots. Although the winds picked up slightly, the distances were cut to let the sailors recuperate ahead of the longest stretch from Kõiguste to Kärdla on Hiiumaa island.

Today’s conditions suited best the ORC I leader Matilda 4 from Yacht Club Dago with Joachim Aschenbrenner at the helm, who came in three minutes ahead of Adelante, captained by Andrus Luht (Kalev Yacht Club). Adelante is also second overall, just one point behind the leader. Eero Pank’s team on Credit 24 Sailing from Kalev Yacht Club managed to come in third. Jaak Jõgi’s Forte from Kalev Yacht Club is five points behind the leader, which gives them the third position overall.

ORC I best boat in Cruiser division was Berta from Kalev Yacht Club with Hando Sutter at the helm. 

Brand new yacht Shadow, sailing under the flag of Yacht Club Cannes and having been in water for less than a week yet, achieved an impressive result in ORC II under the leadership of Harles Liiv, beating also most of the ORC I fleet. Aivar Tuulberg’s team on Katariina II with Karl-Hannes Tagu at the helm, was second and, for the first time during this regatta, Ivar Aru’s team on Cherie from Kalev Yacht Club made it to the podium ranking third. The overall leader with five points is Sugar (captain Marjaliisa Umb), followed by Katariina II who has nine points and Amserv Toyota Sailing Team with ten points. The best Cruiser division yacht in ORC II was Avo Ling’s Chantal from Haapsalu Yacht Club.


Harles Liiv, who joined the regatta with the brand-new boat Shadow halfway, skipping the first three races, is very content with his fourth result from the fourth race and victory from the fifth: “At least in light winds the boat has proved its speed and quality. For us, the Moonsund Regatta is a training stretch ahead of the Worlds in August. By then we will know already where we stand. You need luck in all sports and there are no ideal boats. As there are no boats that are equally good in light and strong winds. You always need conditions suitable for your boat to get results.”  

The leader of ORC III continues their winning streak - Vasilii Alekseev’s team on Kvartet (St Peterburg) was first yet again. Celia, captained by Rauno Pielberg, from Yacht Club Dago came in second, which also makes them second overall with just one point difference. Margus Beljakov’s team on Liliann from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts is third.

Also in ORC IV all podium places went to the overall leaders of the group: Imre Marmor’s Vesileenu from Kalev Yacht Club was first (15 pts, third overall), minute and half behind them was the current leader Black Bird from Haapsalu Yacht Club with Tarmo Polli at the helm (6 pts) and the overall second Julechka with Joel Kõiv and his team were third.


Folkboots are having a highly competitive regatta with no firm leader established yet. Today’s winner was Tiit Riisalo’s W-Lind with Vaiko Vooremaa at the helm (Kalev Yacht Club), Bacchus and Olev Oolup’s team from Yacht Club Dago came in second and Mikk Köösel’s Jonna from Kalev Yacht Club was third. Both W-Lind and Jonna have nine points and are first and second overall. Muinasjutukuningas and Argo Vooremaa were third (also third overall with 10 pts).


The last but one race is Alter Marine Kõiguste-Kärdla leg, taking the fleet to Hiiumaa. The final results will be established on Saturday.